Varamin Flour Industries Factories Servicing for Better Quality

Relying on its half centuries experience in flour milling making industry and having state of art technology and modern know-how for three generation in flour milling industry, Varamin Flour Industries Company holds standard stamp from National Standard Institute of Iran for all its manufactured products as well as holding international certificates HACCP, ISO: 22000, 14001, 9001, Halal certificate and Statues of Industrial and trade Features, holding citation for prominent technician and quality control of the sample chosen among Flour millers by Trans-national Trade Associations of Iranian Flour Industries.

Researching on types of varieties of soft, hard and Durum wheat, this factory could produce types of flour required by consumers such as traditional breads, loaf and semi-loaf breads, soft Noodle flours and coarse noodle flours with different graining for producing pasta, cookies and biscuits, starch, gluten extraction and etc... in packaged and bulk forms based on the latest international standards for domestic usages and exports purposes.

 Varamin Flour Industries Factories come with two phases A and B with phase A was operated on March 8, 1994 and phase B operated on December 16, 2006 with machineries produced byGermany and Switzerland, with capacity of 162000 tons flour per year.

During 2007 and 2010, Varamin Flour Industries Factories were selected as better factory by Ministry of Industries and Mines and Department of Supervision on Food. In 2011, it was awarded Scientific Reward of Dr. Hedayat. It has the potential for producing the flour according to international standards for its consumers.