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About Us

The company is guided by an old but somewhat established mission which has been developed collaboratively by stakeholders. Its mission is "Creating value worth remembering." The company lives the mission every day by working hard. The organization works as a family and entitle each other by being productive, committed, honest, respectful, and humble. The organization differentiates itself by working together to achieve the set of common goals. Additionally, it is guided by core values of trustworthy and loyalty. Through these values, a set mission, and a sense of togetherness created by the family mentality, the firm has remained profitable over the years by satisfying its customers and has succeeded in dealing with challenges ahead.


Iran’s Bakers Need 1 Million Tons of High-Gluten Wheat Imports

May 06, 2017
by Anatoly Medetsky September 13, 2016, 2:42 PM GMT+3:30 Deliveries required by April for blending with domestic crop Nation’s crop this year seen biggest in nine years: USDA Iran’s flour-milling…

Subsidies Not Benefiting Wheat Production, Farmers

Feb 26, 2017
The government pays 60 trillion rials ($1.58 billion) in wheat subsidies annually. It paid 12,705 rials (around 34 cents) to local farmers for each kilogram of common wheat and 13,068 rials (around…